Welcome and Thanks for visiting our website ! We are a competent partner in most fields of scanning and transmission electron microscopy. Especially experienced in failure analysis of metal surfaces and fractures, most of our customers are ball bearing producers, or come from motor or electric generator engineering. We work also in the field of polymer testing, together with our cooperating partners. Some of the these topics deal with adhesion of coating layers, processing of thermoplastics, use of PTFE and other addi- tives. In all these fields of work we have professional competence and experience. Our aim is to provide the optimal solution for our customers. On special demand we organize introductory courses in scanning and transmission electron microscopy. As a matter of personal concern we help highschools to set up their own electron microscopy lab. For example, we build a lab at the Wilhelm-Loehe-Schule Nuernberg (TEM: Zeiss EM9S2, SEM: Jeol 35C). Two other SEMs (Jeol 840) are available at Armin-Knab Highschool at Kitzingen and at the Students Research Center Bad Saulgau. These instruments are used for students work in physics, chemistry and biology. We also act as intermediary for older electron microscopes, breaking them down, moving and setting them up new. We do guided tours of our lab. Ask us. Stefan Diller - Scientific Photography Arndtstrasse 11, Back Building D - 97072 Wuerzburg Phone: ++49-931-7848700 Fax: ++49-931-7848701 Email: diller(at)stefan-diller.com
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