Image Gallery The next few pages will show some example electron microscopic work in biology and material  science. To give the best possible viewing quality we did not incorporate a visual water mark within the  images. Please do not forget that all the images are still copyright protected images and only for  your personal use. If you like to use some images for commercial purposes please get in touch with us. In the near future we will set up a shop for buying high quality photographic prints for decorating your walls. Schools and institutes will get a special discount. These topics are available up to now: Scanning Electron Microascopy - Biologic specimen Scanning Electron Microscopy - Material Science Transmission Electron Micropscopy - Mostly soap-structure images... Gallery images from the exhibition “Hidden aesthetics - Plant surfaces in the SEM” Because of aesthetical reasons we did not add a scale bar to the images. Some principal knowledge to electron microscopy can be found here (German only)... A poster concerning prepartion techniques in SEM can be found here (German only)... If you would like to know how to colour a SEM specimen on-the-fly, read this article: MikroKosmos 06 / Jahrgang 99 (German only)... Site Notice        GTC